Douglas Brundage


I’ve worked on strategic projects for Google for over 5 years, including collaboration toolkits for their live case partners (Jeremy Scott, Jeff Koons, Gray Malin), launch concepts for Google Home and Pixelbook and more. My main focus, however, has been on brand-building for the Pixel phone.

Challenge: Google is one of the most famous brands in the world, but it’s not known for its prowess in the highly-competitive hardware space.

Insight: Software is almost purely about functionality, but hardware has a place in our daily lives that serves as a badge. Apple’s dominance in the space is due to its cultural relevance.

Creative: The goal of all of my work with Google’s hardware team has been to better integrate the brand into culture through meaningful experiences and collaborations that also double as educational moments for how their products work.

-Ikebana: A press-only event focused on teaching the Japanese art of flower arranging, and snapping the results on the Pixel.

-Murder Mystery: Leaning into Pixel 2’s low-light camera, “lens” that allows for live translation of foreign languages and identification of objects, and other new features - we crafted a fully immersive Halloween murder mystery in a mansion on the Upper East Side that required the use of all of the Pixel 2’s new features to solve.

-Escape the 80s: It’s escape the room, but we’re traveling back to the 80s in an immersive experience complete with a VHS shop and shop-able vintage tee shirt store. The only way to solve the puzzle and escape? Using your new Pixel 2, of course.

-Trivia Night: A NYC-themed trivia competition in Google’s first-ever pop-up shop hosted by Charlemagne the God and featuring influencer-driven teams from Complex, Sweet Chick, Refinery29, the NBA, Bape, Heineken, Stadium Goods, Spring Studios and more in competition for their favorite charity. All answers were revealed by asking Google’s now-famous assistant “Hey Google…”

-Ghetto Gastro: An in-shop dining experience where every dish mirrored one of Google’s iconic primary colors. A professional food photographer taught guests how to best snap and share on their new Pixel. A surprise performance by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie capped the evening.

Results: Over 300 influencers and press seeded Pixel and Pixel 2 phones while integrating the Google master brand into the cultural conversation. Earned social impressions available upon request.

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